Want to experience Pure Magic?

In November, we have the opportunity to go up in the northern part of our own continent to experience Pure Magic in the JCI World Congress of 2019, organised by JCI Estonia and JCI Finland.

Are you ready to see snow in November? Do you want to join the biggest Conference JCI has to offer, together with thousands of other Jaycees from all over the world? Don’t miss this chance to join the Belgian Delegation to the cold north. Register now for the Belgian Delegation!

What is included, you ask? Your stay, of course! A reception organised for all the Belgians present at the Congress where you can talk to everyone. Don’t worry, we will have enough to drink. And of course, a whole lot of goodies. If you want, we can even provide you with a polo made especially by JCI Belgium so we look like each other. Part of the ship, part of the crew.

Welcome aboard!

You can pick 5 or 6 nights and do a pre- or post-tour by extending your stay even further.

Help us keep the cold away in Estonia!

But just maybe, don’t wait too long. The early-bird prices end on the 30th of June. Register now!

Are you not registered for the congress itself? Go check it out immediately!